Cortex-M33 core-based wireless MCU provides for more secure Bluetooth applications

The STM32WBA52 from STMicroelectronics features a high-performance radio which gives long range and a large link budget. A rich set of ST software resources helps accelerate development of security and other features.

The STM32WBA52 wireless microcontroller from STMicroelectronics provides a way for OEMs to implement Bluetooth® Low Energy v5.3 wireless systems that achieve SESIP Level 3 security certification. 

The STM32WBA52 MCU is based on a single Arm® Cortex®-M33 core running at 100 MHz, which is the Arm core with the widest range of security capabilities, including TrustZone secure hardware partitioning, trusted firmware, secure boot, and secure debug. Using ST software packages and firmware, developers can create trusted and non-trusted sections to safeguard sensitive information such as cloud credentials or user data.

Supported by a dedicated STM32CubeWBA firmware package, the STM32WBA52 also supports current profiles for STM32WB microcontrollers, facilitating migration from the STM32WB to the STM32WBA series of devices. The STM32WBA52 features higher radio performance than the STM32WB MCUs: output power is up to +10 dBm, increasing a design’s link budget.

For low-power applications, the STM32WBA’s background autonomous mode (BAM) saves energy by enabling peripherals to use direct memory access without waking the CPU. Engineers can perform sensor monitoring operations in the BAM through an I2C, SPI, or UART interface. 

Other new low-power features implemented in the STM32WBA52 enable the device to go rapidly from a connected run mode to a standby mode with the radio context written in the memory. In standby mode with real-time clock running, the MCU only draws 200 nA. Stop mode with 64 kbytes of RAM draws 16.3 µA.

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