Current-limit switches provide comprehensive circuit protection

Vishay SiP32433A/B and SiP32434A/B load switches provide settable limits for over- and under-voltage protection, and block voltage surges and inrush currents over a wide input-voltage range, with either latch off or auto-retry.

The SiP32433A and SiP32433B from Vishay are single-channel load switches which protect both power sources and downstream circuitry connected to the switch from overloads, short circuits, voltage surges, and excessive inrush currents. 

The output-current limit can be set by a single external resistor in a range from 0.3 A to 3.5 A, with an accuracy of ¬Ī8%. The rated input-voltage range is 2.8 V to 23 V. Vishay also supplies the SiP32434A and SiP32434B switches, which can be set to limit current in a range between 0.5 A and 6 A, with an accuracy of ¬Ī7%. After switching off due to a fault, the SiP32433A and SiP32434A latch the power switch off, while the SiP32433B and SiP32434B auto-retry after a settable period.

The SIP32433 and SiP32434 load switches integrate multiple control and protection features, giving system designers a simple way to control power behavior and maintain reliable operation with only a small number of external components. 

Over-voltage protection and under-voltage lockout threshold levels can be set with an external resistor network. Inrush current behavior can be set with a single external soft-start capacitor. 

The SiP32433A and SiP32433B feature active reverse blocking, making them ideal for systems with a USB Type-C¬ģ Power Delivery power supply or with multiple power-source switching.

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