DDR5 DIMM sockets compatible with the latest high-performance computing architectures

High-quality construction and space-saving design make the sockets ideal for use in data centers.

TE Connectivity (TE) has introduced DDR5 DIMM sockets to support the next generation of memory hardware for high-performance computing and server platforms. 

The TE DDR5 DIMM sockets enable high-speed operation at a rate of up to 6.4 gigatransfers per second. 

When partnered with TE processor sockets and PCIe Gen 5 connectors, the new DDR5 DIMM sockets provide a complete high data-rate connector framework for the latest computing architectures. 

The TE sockets offer long life and robust operation. Thermal protection minimizes asset downtime and increases system reliability. In addition, the robust construction and design features allow for easy installation and system upgrades. 

Narrow latch types and space-saving features provide for good airflow between components. Custom features are selectable by configuring the part number at the time of ordering.


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