Easy-to-use demo kit provides simple implementation of mesh networking

The Wirepas Mesh Demo Kit features multiple sensor nodes based on the PAN1780 wireless module from Panasonic connected via ready-made mesh networking software from Symbiotech.

Panasonic Industry has announced the availability of a new demonstration kit which provides a ready-made implementation of mesh networking across a set of wireless sensor nodes based on its PAN1780 wireless module. 

The PAN1780 modules support the Wirepas Mesh 2.4 GHz multi-hop mesh networking firmware. Wirepas Mesh 2.4 GHz offers easy-to-implement mesh connectivity for large-scale networks of up to 4 billion devices. Thanks to the firmware’s dynamic role-granting feature, a device can be a node and router at the same time. This enables the creation of a decentralized network that organizes and optimizes itself automatically, thus lowering installation and maintenance costs.

Now Panasonic has collaborated with software producer Symbiotech to create a mesh networking demo kit. The kit consists of four battery-powered sensor nodes and a sink, providing a ready-made Wirepas mesh network.

The sensor nodes based on the PAN1780 offer long wireless transmission range, thanks to the module’s optimized chip antenna. The Symbiotech software makes network set-up easy. It includes a user interface which shows sensor data, offers control of network nodes, and provides insights into the network’s health.

The combination of the high-quality PAN1780 hardware, Wirepas’ multi-hop wireless mesh technology, and Symbiotech’s tailored software design gives engineers a quick and easy way to begin developing mesh networking applications.

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