Energy-harvesting PMIC provides complete power solution for low-voltage devices

The Nexperia NEH2000BY includes software for maximizing the power harvested from photovoltaic cells. Fully integrated including a boost dc-dc converter, the NEH2000BY simplifies the design of energy-harvesting systems, and saves space and BoM cost.

Nexperia has introduced the NEH2000BY, a high-performance power management IC (PMIC) which recharges a battery or storage capacitor using energy harvested from ambient sources such as light. The NEH2000BY enables manufacturers to develop electronic devices that have longer battery life, or are even entirely self-powered. 

Energy harvesting via the NEH2000BY also helps to reduce the environmental impact of the billions of batteries produced and discarded every year. 

The Nexperia PMIC provides a complete solution for supplying an electronic device from a harvested power source of between 35 µW and 2 mW. Because power conversion operations are integrated inside this single device, engineers can realize designs as much as 20 times smaller than competing solutions. The NEH2000BY requires no external inductor, and only a few external components. The board footprint of a typical power system based on the NEH2000BY is just 12 mm². The device also reduces bill-of-materials cost substantially. 

The NEH2000BY includes an on-chip maximum power point tracking (MPPT) adaptive algorithm for optimizing energy transfer as the harvested power input fluctuates. The MPPT algorithm is fast – it responds to environmental changes in less than 1 second. Conversion efficiency is up to 80%. 

With its boost capability and power range, the NEH2000BY is optimized for solar energy harvesting, but can also be integrated in designs with other technologies, such as thermoelectric generator or RF energy harvesting.

The NEH2000BY is supplied in a 16-lead, 3 mm x 3 mm QFN package.

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