Environmental and motion sensor kit gives complete platform for IoT device development

The STMicroelectronics SensorTile.box PRO kit features motion and pressure sensors and a microphone, supported by a 32-bit microcontroller and Bluetooth® Low Energy radio. ST software libraries and algorithms accelerate application development.

The STMicroelectronics SensorTile.box PRO is a new, ready-to-use programmable wireless kit in a handy box format for developing IoT applications that remotely gather motion, environmental or acoustic sensor data. 

The kit provides a complete functional platform for building applications for smart, connected devices. An STM32U585AI microcontroller based on an Arm® Cortex®-M33 core runs application code and performs system control functions, backed by a storage option, a microSD™ card slot for stand-alone data-logging applications.

Wireless connectivity is provided by the BlueNRG-LP Bluetooth® Low Energy 5.2 transceiver, as well as a programmable NFC tag, the ST25DV04K. The board can be easily connected via Bluetooth to the ST BLE Sensor smartphone app.

A rich set of sensor functions is also integrated into the SensorTile.box PRO:

  • STTS22H low-voltage local digital temperature sensor
  • LSM6DSV16X six-axis inertial measurement unit
  • LIS2DU12 three-axis accelerometer
  • LIS2MDL three-axis magnetometer
  • LPS22DF pressure sensor
  • MP23DB01HP digital microphone

ST provides three modes by which designers can interact with the SensorTile.box PRO kit. In Entry mode, the kit runs a wide range of IoT applications supplied with the box. These include: 

  • Motion sensing: compass, free-fall detection, level sensing, pedometer, quaternion
  • Environmental sensing: barometer
  • Data logging
  • AI and machine learning: baby crying detector, human activity recognition
  • User interface: Qtouch sensing
  • NFC connectivity

In Expert mode, engineers can build custom applications through the ST BLE Sensor app by selecting input data types and operating parameters, and using built-in functions for evaluating and computing the resulting data.

In Pro mode, designers can quickly develop tailored IoT applications via the STM32 open development environment supported by ST function pack libraries. These include an AI function pack with neural network libraries.

The SensorTile.box PRO board fits into a plastic box measuring 40 mm x 63 mm, and is powered by a 480 mAh rechargeable battery. The kit includes a 5 W wireless charger. The board can also be supplied via a USB Type-C® connector. 

The SensorTile.box PRO kit can be ordered using the part number STEVAL-MKBOXPRO.

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