Family of battery protection fuses extended to include new 60 A-rated fuse

Littelfuse ITV9550 lithium-ion battery protection fuses protect against over-currents and overcharging to safeguard battery packs in power tools, robots, and other consumer electronics devices.

Littelfuse has extended its ITV9550 series of lithium-ion battery protection fuses with a new part that has a high 60 A current rating. The ITV9550 fuses, which are also available in versions with a 30 A or a 45 A rating, safeguard battery packs against over-currents. They also protect against over-voltage conditions, which show that the battery is being overcharged. 

The new 60 A ITV9550 device is a surface-mount, three-terminal fuse with a 9.5 mm x 5.0 mm footprint. Its innovative design incorporates an embedded fuse and heater elements that provide a fast response and reliable performance, interrupting the battery pack’s charging or discharging circuit before the pack is overcharged or overheated.

When an over-current condition occurs, the fuse cuts off the circuit. For protection against over-charging, the heater element, embedded directly under the fuse, generates enough heat to blow the fuse once an over-voltage is detected by an external transistor or sensor.

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