Fast turn-off dual synchronous rectifier offers broad design flexibility

The MP6924A dual intelligent rectifier from Monolithic Power Systems enables designers of LLC resonant converters to use continuous conduction, discontinuous conduction, or critical conduction modes.

The MP6924A from Monolithic Power Systems is a dual intelligent rectifier for implementing synchronous rectification in LLC resonant converters. The MP6924A’s fast turn-off, with a total delay of 35 ns, enables LLC converters to operate in both continuous conduction and discontinuous conduction modes. The device also supports operation in critical conduction mode. 

The IC drives two N-channel standard or logic-level MOSFETs, regulates their forward voltage drop to around 29 mV, and turns the MOSFETs off before the switching current goes negative. The device can latch-off the gate driver under light-load conditions, limiting the current to 175 μA. 

The MP6924A requires a minimal number of readily available, standard external components, and is supplied in an SOIC-8 package.

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