High-current wire-to-board connector provides for secure locking

Hirose supplies the DF63 series of small, high-powered wire-to-board connectors for use in industrial equipment that must achieve high levels of reliability. 

DF63 from Hirose saves space and allows for close mounting of multiple connectors. 

The main connector range consists of cable-mount female crimp sockets and board-mount vertical and right-angle male headers. The connectors can handle a maximum current of 15 A. Hirose also supplies in-line versions of the connector, and a waterproof DF63W series.

The connectors’ form factor enables the designer to achieve space savings. The three-position header only occupies board space of 88mm² due to its small pitch.

Secure locking is assured by a robust lock which gives a clear tactile click when mated. This confirms the connector is fully engaged. The lock is on the center of the housing, eliminating the risks of uneven locking and cable entanglement, which are common with side locks. This also enables multiple connectors to be mounted close together when side-by-side.

The header features square male pin contacts which have a wide conductive surface area of 1.14mm2 on each side to carry high currents. Each contact is protected by housing walls to avoid the risk of short circuits and to prevent it from being touched. 

The cable-mount female socket housing uses crimp contacts which have an internal multi-point contact structure to ensure good contact wipe and high contact reliability. The design of the housing base is tapered to allow resin sealing up to 5 mm high. The resin stopper, which is a step underneath the lock, stops the resin rising too far. 

The DF63 series is part of the EnerBee™ product family. The EnerBee family features wire-to-board and wire-to-wire power connectors which provide technically advanced connectivity solutions for industrial power sources.

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