High-voltage dc-dc converters ideal for auxiliary power supplies in solar power generation equipment

The AE series from CUI Inc provides an off-the-shelf solution to the challenge of powering auxiliary monitoring and control systems in photovoltaic power systems operating at up to 1,500 V.

The AE series from CUI Inc is a range of dc-dc converters which are optimized for use in 1,000 V- and 1,500 V-rated photovoltaic energy generation systems. The AE series modules operate over wide input-voltage ranges of 100 V to 1,000 V dc, 200 V to 1,200 V dc, or 200 V to 1,500 V dc. 

The converters are available with power ratings ranging from 5 W to 40 W. The isolation rating is 5,600 V dc, and they can be used at altitudes up to 5,000 m, and over an operating-temperature range of -40°C to 70°C with no derating. 

The AE series helps OEMs to take advantage of the fast growth in the global market for renewable energy. Auxiliary power supplies play an important role in the monitoring and control of these systems, and they need special characteristics to withstand high operating voltages while complying with reliability and safety standards. The AE series offers system designers and integrators an off-the-shelf solution for easy implementation into renewable energy applications.

The AE series is supplied in two sets of devices. The AE-EW series is available in board-mount, chassis-mount, and DIN rail-mount configurations with power ratings of 5 W, 10 W, 15 W and 40 W. The series is safety-approved according to EN 62109-1, and complies with CISPR22/EN 55022 Class A limits for conducted and radiated emissions.

The AE-UW series is available with a 10 W, 15 W or 40 W power rating. Housed in fully encapsulated board-mount packages, the AE-UW series carries the same safety approvals as the AE-EW series, and in addition meets the requirements of the UL 1741 specification.

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