Highly configurable 8-bit MCU offers integrated alternative to PLDs

The PIC16F13145 microcontroller from Microchip features a new configurable logic block (CLB) module alongside common MCU peripherals, including an ADC, DAC, PWMs and timers as well as serial communications interfaces.

Microchip is offering a new, tailored hardware solution with the launch of its PIC16F13145 family of configurable 8-bit microcontrollers. The CLB module in this new family enables the MCU to be used in applications that are typically the domain of stand-alone programmable logic devices (PLDs). 

With the CLB module, the PIC16F13145 can be configured to perform hardware-based, custom combinational logic functions directly within the MCU. The CLB allows designers to optimize the speed and response time of embedded control systems, eliminating the need for external logic components and reducing bill-of-materials cost and power consumption. 

The development of tailored hardware is further simplified by the provision of a graphical interface tool, which helps designers to synthesize custom logic designs using the CLB. The PIC16F13145 family is ideal for applications that use custom protocols, or perform task sequencing or I/O control to manage real-time control systems in the industrial and automotive sectors.

Since the CLB operation is not dependent on the CPU clock speed, it improves the system’s latency and helps to reduce power consumption. The CLB can also be used to make logic decisions while the CPU is in sleep mode, further reducing power consumption and reliance on software code. 

The PIC16F13145 family is available in various packages from 8 up to 20 pins. It is supported by the MPLAB® Code Configurator, a free software plug-in within the MPLAB X integrated development environment which provides an easy GUI-based interface to configure the MCU and on-board peripherals, including the CLB.

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