IGBTs with latest field stop technology are optimized for switching or conduction losses

The onsemi FS7 IGBTs are supplied in two series. Designers can choose the variant which suits their application with either fast-switching power conversion, or three-phase motors.

IGBTs made with the 7th generation of field stop technology (FS7) from onsemi offer high efficiency in power converters and adaptors, and in motor systems. 

In high-frequency switching power-converter applications, a substantial contribution to power losses comes from switching; in high-power three-phase motors, conduction losses have a larger impact. So onsemi has tuned the inherent IGBT trade-off between collector-emitter saturation voltage and turn-off energy differently in the two series of 1,200 V FS7 IGBTs: 

  • The S series is optimized for low turn-off energy, to minimize switching losses in high-frequency converters and inverters
  • The R series is optimized for low saturation voltage, to minimize conduction losses in motors, and in solid-state relays

The FS7 IGBTs are supplied with current ratings ranging from 40 A to 160 A, and in three package styles: 

  • A standard TO-247 three-lead package. Products are available now. 
  • A power TO-247 three-lead package. Products are available now. 
  • A power TO-247 four-lead package. Products are planned for release in 2024. 

The power four-lead package includes a Kelvin source lead, the effect of which is to produce a substantial reduction in turn-on energy, making for even more efficient switching. 

Every production unit is dynamically tested to give OEMs high confidence in the operation and reliability of the IGBT in their application.

Current Rating (A) Diode Rating (A) TO-247 Power TO-247-3L
40 40 FGHL40T120SWD (S series) FGHL40T120RWD (R series)
60 60 FGHL60T120RWD (R series) FGY60T120SWD (S series)
75 75 FGY75T120SWD (S series) FGY100T120RWD (R series)
100 100 FGY100T120SWD (S series)
140 140 FGY140T120SWD (S series)
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