Integrated 5.5 V load switch provides power control and system safety features

New Nexperia NPS4053 provides multiple safety and protection functions, in a smaller board footprint than an equivalent discrete power control circuit. Designers can use the NPS4053 to improve power-system reliability while saving space. 

Nexperia has launched the NPS4053, an integrated load switch which has a smaller footprint and offers better system protection than the equivalent circuit made up of discrete components. The NPS4053, which has a built-in, self-protected MOSFET, is optimized for use in portable devices, where it can provide switching and protection functions for components such as USB ports and hubs. 

Load switches are essential components in the operation of a wide array of electronics systems. They play a crucial role in managing current and voltage in a controlled manner from the source to the load. 

In a typical power chain, the NPS4053 is commonly positioned close to the load, performing power sequencing and inrush-current control functions. It can also be used to shut off power islands to conserve power, making it especially valuable in battery-operated equipment. The NPS4053 load switch includes programmable current-limiting circuitry which allows for precise control of the load current over a range from 110 mA to 2.5 A at an accuracy of ±6%. The device also supports true reverse-current blocking, providing robust end-to-end system protection. 

The NPS4053 also includes a Fault Indicator pin which alerts the host controller to fault events.

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