Integrated dual-mode Bluetooth SoC and modules support wireless edge computing applications

The AIROC™ CYW20820 dual-mode system-on-chip (SoC) from Infineon provides robust Bluetooth® connectivity and includes code examples to get new designs to market faster. It provides flexible, low-power, and high-performance wireless connectivity for IoT applications.

Featuring flexible low-power modes and a large RF link budget, the CYW20820 is supported by a comprehensive Bluetooth software development kit (SDK) which includes numerous code examples for Bluetooth use cases. 

The CYW20820 SoC, which is compatible with the Bluetooth 5.2 core specification, provides reliable Bluetooth and Bluetooth LE connectivity. It hosts a comprehensive Bluetooth protocol stack which is included in the ModusToolbox™ development environment. The SoC’s integrated microcontroller has an Arm® Cortex®-M4 core with a floating point unit and operates at a maximum speed of 96 MHz, giving it sufficient processing horsepower to support high-performance compute operations at the edge in Bluetooth use cases.

For easier system integration, the CYW20820 is also available on an application-ready certified module. The AIROC CYBT-243053-02 module is fully integrated: it features a crystal oscillator, passive components, Flash memory, PCB antenna, and the CYW20820 SoC. It is supplied in a 12 mm x 16.6 mm x 1.7 mm 35-ball surface-mount package. The smaller AIROC CYBT-253059-02 module is ideal for space-constrained applications. It is supplied in an 11 mm x 11 mm x 1.7 mm surface-mount package. 

The AIROC™ CYW20820 is supported in the AIROC Bluetooth SDK within the ModusToolbox™ software and tools suite.

Introduction to AIROC™ Bluetooth SoCs and modules


Evaluation kit: CYBT-243053-EVAL

The Infineon AIROC™ CYBT-243053-02 Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy 5.2 module evaluation kit enables evaluation, prototyping, and development of a wide array of IoT applications using the CYBT-243053-02 module, which is based on the CYW20820 system-on-chip.

The kit’s CYBT-243053-02 module is globally certified and has an integrated PCB antenna to speed product development. The CYBT-243053-EVAL is supported in the AIROC Bluetooth software development kit within the ModusToolbox™ software and tool suite. Numerous code examples and copious documentation enable rapid development for Bluetooth LE data-transfer and Bluetooth Mesh use cases.