Integrated regulator modules simplify design of point-of-load power supplies

The Monolithic Power Systems MPM38x4 family of step-down switching converter modules only requires a small number of standard external components. Variants are available with maximum output current values from 0.6 A to 6 A.

Monolithic Power Systems supplies a family of integrated power modules for use at the point of load. The MPM38x4 family are synchronous step-down regulators with integrated power MOSFETs and inductor, and provide an output discharge function. Only input capacitors, output capacitors, and feedback resistors are required to complete the converter circuit, simplifying the power-system design. 

The constant-on-time control scheme of the converter modules provides a fast transient response, high light-­load efficiency, and easy loop stabilization. 

The members of the MPM38x4 family support application requirements for various current outputs and input-voltage ranges.

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