Integrated wireless module simplifies Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity

The STM32WB1MMC from STMicroelectronics provides a ready-made implementation of a Bluetooth¬ģ-based system, including a 2.4 GHz radio, dual-core MCU, antenna and power circuit, backed by a royalty-free protocol stack.

The STM32WB1MMC from STMicroelectronics is a compact wireless module which provides a quick and easy way to integrate Bluetooth Low Energy networking capability into an end product design. The module is supplied with a royalty-free Bluetooth v5.3 protocol stack. 

Based on the STM32WB15 wireless microcontroller, this certified 2.4 GHz module provides excellent RF performance thanks to its good receiver sensitivity and high output power. The module’s low-power features extend battery run-time, enabling applications to run on small coin cells or even harvested energy.

The integrated module provides a complete radio system, including a chip antenna, an option for connecting an external antenna, a reliable antenna matching circuit, and a switch-mode power supply.

The STM32WB15 on which the STM32WB1MMC is based is a dual-core wireless MCU which can support comprehensive Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity while also running the host application. The MCU includes a 2.4 GHz radio managed by a dedicated Arm¬ģ Cortex¬ģ-M0+ processor core. To run the main application, it features a 64 MHz Cortex-M4 core which allows for uninterrupted real-time performance.¬†

A rich selection of analog peripherals includes a 12-bit ADC and low-power comparator. The module also features multiple digital interfaces, and up to 37 fast I/Os, 35 of which are 5 V-tolerant.

The STM32WB1MMC module is supported by the proven STM32Cube software ecosystem, which offers embedded software libraries and tools. The module’s 77-lead LGA package has a footprint of 10 mm x 6.5 mm.

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