Internal 150 W ac-dc power supply features very low standby power consumption

The VGS-150C from CUI Inc is an internal power supply in a metal case which offers the safety and standards compliance required in many industrial and domestic products.

The VGS-150C from CUI Inc, a rugged ac-dc power supply, is ideal for industrial applications that require low standby power consumption. Maximum no-load power consumption is just 0.5 W. 

Convection-cooled and housed in a compact metal case, the VGS-150C can supply up to 158 W to the load. The output-voltage options are 12 V, 15 V, 24 V, 36 V and 48 V dc, all adjustable to within ±10%.

This internal ac-dc power supply is certified safe according to IEC 62368, and also meets the requirements of the IEC 61558, IEC 60335, and GB 4943 standards. Operating over a universal mains input-voltage range, this power supply is intended for use in OVC III applications.

The VGS-150C meets the requirements of EN 55032/CISPR32 Class B for conducted/radiated emissions.

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