Load switch supports multiplexing between 5 V and 12 V power rails

The SLG59H1405V from Renesas offers a broad set of circuit-protection features. The device is housed in a compact package which can withstand high ESD voltages.

Renesas has developed the SLG59H1405V dual load switch to provide a robust solution for switch-over between 5 V and 12 V power rails in multiplexed power circuits. 

The SLG59H1405V contains one load switch rated for 5 V/3 A, and a second load switch rated for 12 V/1.25 A, both sharing a common output. The device supports manual selection of power rails and seamless transition between the power inputs. 

The SLG59H1405V’s numerous protection features include: 

  • Input under-voltage lockout
  • Input over-voltage protection
  • Over-temperature protection
  • Active current limit for each channel, adjustable by resistor
  • Internal short-circuit current limit
  • Open-drain fault flag output

The SLG59H1405V is supplied in a 12-lead QFN package which has a 2.0 mm x 2.5 mm footprint.

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