Magnetic angle sensor produces very low error over high bandwidth

The high-resolution MA600 angle sensor from Monolithic Power Systems features a broad set of configuration options which give designers flexibility in spatial, electrical and magnetic settings.

The MA600 from Monolithic Power Systems is a high-bandwidth digital magnetic angle sensor which provides accurate inputs for position-control systems in products such as robots and user interfaces. 

The MA600 detects the absolute angular position of a permanent magnet mounted on a rotating shaft. The system designer can configure the sensor to operate at between 11.5 bits and 14.5 bits of resolution. At 11.5 bits of resolution, the MA600 offers 21 kHz bandwidth. 

Factory calibration enables the MA600 to achieve intrinsic non-linearity below 0.6° across the entire operating-temperature range of -40°C to 125°C. An additional final system calibration may be performed by using a 32-point, user-configurable correction table. The resulting intrinsic non-linearity can be less than 0.1°. 

The MA600 supports a wide range of magnetic field strengths and spatial configurations. The sensor supports end-of-shaft and off-axis, or side-shaft mounting, configurations. 

An on-chip non-volatile memory provides storage capacity for configuration parameters, including the reference zero-angle position, and settings for common encoder interfaces including incremental ABZ, incremental UVW, and PWM absolute output. The incremental ABZ quadrature encoder interface supports from one to 2,048 programmable pulses per turn.

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