Magnetic switch provides flexibility and pitch-independent dual outputs

The Melexis MLX92352 three-axis magnetic dual latch and switch provides a simple, PCB-less solution for speed, pulse or direction sensing in motor-control applications such as eBike cadence sensors and control knobs.

Melexis has launched the MLX92352, a programmable three-axis magnetic latch and switch IC that functions as a stand-alone, PCB-less rotary or linear position or speed sensor. The MLX92351 is a pre-programmed version of the product.Ā 

Use of the MLX92352 or MLX92351 enables system developers to realize simple, single-component DC motor indexing designs. The devices can be used to implement various position sensing functions, including:

  • Linear speed and direction control
  • Incremental rotary encodingĀ 
  • Dual linear position detection for pistons and levers
  • Angular position detection for knobs and jog wheels

The MLX92351 and MLX92352 provide quadrature outputs, allowing the accurate measurement of rotational speed and direction in motor systems. Implementing a magnetic field design to support the sensor is easy, as a 90Ā° phase shift between its two outputs makes it independent of pitch and air gap. The magnetic switches also provide design flexibility by outputting any two-fold combination of the x, y or z magnetic axes in the form of speed, pulse, or direction signals.Ā 

The MLX92351 and MLX92352 are fabricated with the Melexis silicon-on-insulator technology, which produces excellent electrical characteristics: the sensors withstand ESD strikes of up to 15 kV on the human body model, and are highly resistant to EMI.Ā 

The MLX92351 is supplied pre-programmed, while the MLX92352 offers end-of-line programmability, so the module can be tuned to compensate for mechanical tolerances in production.Ā 

An automotive version is AEC-Q100 qualified and supports ISO 26262 functional safety compliance.

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