MEMS motion sensors feature low offset and excellent linearity

New SCC400T MEMS sensors from Murata are easy to integrate into precision motion sensing applications such as robot arm control or platform stabilization, thanks to low noise and low offset drift.

Murata has released a new MEMS sensor that combines a two-axis gyroscope and three-axis accelerometer in a single package. The new SCC433T-K03 offers the best offset and linearity stability performance in its class over lifetime and temperature. 

Murata has also introduced the SCC410T-K03, a single-axis gyroscope. Together, these two parts in the SCC400T series enable the implementation of a 6 degrees-of-freedom (6DoF) sensor solution on a single board. 

The SCC400T series sensors provide two parallel acceleration and rate-of-turn digital outputs with independent filter controls via a serial peripheral interface. The measurement range of the gyroscope is ±300°/s for both parallel outputs; the accelerometer measurement range is ±6 g for a normal output, and ±8 g for a secondary output. 

Designers who integrate the SCC400T sensors into end product designs will benefit from stable measurement outputs over the lifetime of the device: offset drift over lifetime is a maximum of 0.9°/s, and a maximum of 25 mg. Noise performance is another outstanding feature of these MEMS sensors: noise density is just 70 µg/√Hz and 0.002°/s√Hz.

The sensor measures 10.4 mm x 7.65 mm x 2.3 mm. 

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