Miniature USB 2.0 connectors save space in consumer electronics devices

FCI Basics Mini USB 2.0 connectors from Amphenol Communications Solutions support the full USB 2.0 data-transfer rate and enable battery charging. Robust mounting and mating mechanisms ensure reliability.

Amphenol Communications Solutions supplies the FCI Basics Mini USB 2.0 connectors, which enable designers of computing and consumer equipment to reduce the space devoted to high-speed wired connectivity.  

The FCI Basics Mini USB 2.0 connectors, which support a data transfer rate of up to 480 Mbits/s, take up only about one-eighth of the space that a standard USB Type-B interface occupies. They support both data-transfer and charging/power supply use cases. 

The Amphenol connectors feature five circuits, with one circuit reserved for future use in host identification between devices. 

Plug assembly is via a snap-in catch which provides tactile feedback on mating. A solder pad at the bottom of the shell is solderable to ensure secure mounting.

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