Module based on Bluetooth LE MCU provides fast way to implement connected motor-control designs

The AIROC CYBLE-416045-02 wireless module from Infineon is based on the PSoCĀ 63, a dual-core 32-bit microcontroller with integrated BluetoothĀ® Low Energy radio.

To address a growing need for connectivity in motor control designs, Infineon provides the AIROCā„¢ CYBLE-416045-02, a fully certified Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) module based on the PSoCā„¢Ā 63 MCU with AIROC Bluetooth LE wireless microcontroller.Ā 

This embedded module includes a royalty-free Bluetooth stack compatible with the Bluetooth 5.0 specifications. It is supplied in a 14 mm x 18.5 mm x 2.0 mm surface-mount package, and is certified compliant with the FCC, ISED, MIC, and CE regulations. The CYBLE-416045-02 module is tested, certified and qualified for use out of the box, making it a fast, efficient route to production.

Based on a dual-core architecture – an industry-leading 150 MHz ArmĀ® CortexĀ®-M4 core paired with a 100 MHz Cortex-M0+ – the PSoCĀ 63 MCU with AIROC Bluetooth LE MCU is capable of running complex applications alongside the Bluetooth LE protocol and 2.4Ā GHz radio functionality. This makes it ideal for cost-sensitive applications that implement basic motor control, such as smart door locks or power tools, and that also require wireless connectivity.Ā 

The need for connectivity in motor drives is growing, as it enables manufacturers to gather information about the status of equipment, anticipate the need for maintenance, and implement configuration changes over-the-air.Ā 

The AIROC CYBLE-416045-02 module provides a ready-made solution for building a PSoCĀ 63 MCU with AIROC Bluetooth LE MCU into designs: fully integrated, it includes a crystal oscillator, passive components, Flash memory, and a trace antenna alongside the PSoCĀ 63 MCU. This means that OEMs can develop connected device designs more effectively and get to market faster.Ā 

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