New 1,500 V relay in miniature DIP5 package ideal for industrial battery management systems

AQV258H5 HE series PhotoMOS® relays from Panasonic provide isolation of 5 kV, and offer unlimited lifetime and high immunity to shock and vibration, giving a valuable alternative to conventional electro-mechanical relays.

Panasonic Industry Europe has introduced a new version of its PhotoMOS relay series that extends its load voltage and provides improved ruggedness and stability.

Rated at 1,500 V/20 mA, the new AQV258H5 HE series offers 5 kV of I/O isolation and an increased clearance and creepage distance on the output side. Featuring a 1 Form A configuration and supplied in DIP5 packaging, the new relay is particularly suitable for battery management systems (BMS) in energy storage systems, and other high-voltage measurement and infrastructure control applications.

PhotoMOS relays have a MOSFET output and enjoy an almost unlimited lifetime if used according to the specifications. On-resistance remains stable throughout the device lifetime. Unlike electromechanical relays, the PhotoMOS relays are unaffected by shock or vibration, an important benefit in many industrial applications.

The AQV258H5 relays feature low control and leakage current, and produce no switching noise. The relay is supplied in a five-pin package that accommodates various creepage and clearance requirements. A six-pin version is also available.

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