New 7” TFT display module offers choice of capacitive or resistive touch-sensing control

The ATM0700U3 series display modules from Zettler are backed by software that makes it easier to develop attractive and sophisticated display user interfaces.

Zettler has introduced a new series of 7” display modules that have a UART serial data interface, and that support user interaction via either capacitive or resistive touch-sensing control. The ATM0700U3-CT module supports capacitive touch sensing, and the ATM0700U3-T resistive touch sensing. 

The modules include a built-in microcontroller that runs advanced firmware for controlling via UART a user interface widget and for drawing geometric figures. PC software supplied by Zettler also simplifies development of the display user interface. The module’s firmware can be updated via TransFlash card. 

The ATM0700U3 series modules are 7” TFT displays offering resolution of 800 px x 480 px. A 1 Gbit integrated Flash memory can be used to support the user interface and font functions.

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