New Bluetooth LE module consumes low power in IoT applications

The Type 2EG module from Murata includes all the functions required for secure wireless communication, including an on-board antenna, matching network, power supply, and timing devices, simplifying IoT system development.

Murata has launched a Bluetooth® Low Energy (LE) communications module, the Type 2EG, which provides a ready-made wireless system implementation, shortening OEMs’ time-to-market.

The compact module, which measures just 7 mm x 7.4 mm x 1 mm, integrates an onsemi RSL15 Bluetooth LE system-on-chip (SoC), an RF front end, a fast and a slow clock for operating and sleep modes, a large inductor which supports low-power mode, and an on-board antenna.

The Type 2EG supports the Bluetooth v5.2 specifications, which include long range, proximity mode, a high data transmission rate, and up to 10 simultaneous connections. 

The module provides the two key features required in battery-powered wireless IoT devices, which are widely deployed in use cases such as remote monitoring and control: long battery life and secure data communication. 

The Type 2EG module offers low power consumption thanks to the efficiency of both its radio and the SoC CPU. The RSL15 Arm® Cortex®-M33 core can remain in a deep sleep mode while still monitoring sensor interfaces. Security is assured by the provision of Arm TrustZone® hardware partitioning and Arm CryptoCell™-312 technology, which provide a root-of-trust and high data security.

The Type 2EG module can be ordered with the part number LBCA1HN2EG.

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