New connector range supports space-saving single-pair Ethernet installations

The 6780 series of connectors from KYOCERA AVX provides a standards-compliant way to produce single-pair Ethernet equipment, simplifying network architectures and lowering bill-of-materials and installation costs.

KYOCERA AVX has launched the 6780 series of connectors for single-pair Ethernet (SPE) equipment. 

In SPE, signals are transmitted over only one pair of twisted copper wires. In addition to data transmission via Ethernet, SPE also enables the simultaneous supply of terminal devices via the power over data line (PoDL) protocol. Previously, this required two pairs for Fast Ethernet, with a maximum 100 Mbytes/s data rate, and four pairs for Gigabit Ethernet.

SPE equipment connected via the 6780 series connectors gives OEMs the benefits of space and weight savings using less wire, and offers end users lower installation costs. The 6780 series connectors comply with the IEC 63171-6 and IEEE 802.3 standards governing SPE equipment.

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