New eFuse protection devices operate over wide voltage range

Littelfuse has announced four versatile new eFuse ICs which provide a comprehensive set of protection functions for electronics circuits. Highly integrated, the eFuse ICs enable developers to reduce design time and save board space and bill-of-materials cost when compared to typical discrete solutions such as a combination of a hot-swap controller and MOSFET.

Littelfuse eFuse ICs ideal for consumer electronics, data communications and industrial applications.

The eFuse products, which operate over a wide voltage range of 3.3 V up to 28 V, offer the over-voltage protection of a standard fuse. But in addition, the fuses protect against over-current, short-circuit, inrush current, reverse current, and over-temperature events while supplying real-time diagnostic data.

The eFuse ICs are ideal for use in the protection of consumer electronics and data communications interfaces.

Part NumberVoltage RatingCurrent RatingProtection FunctionsPackage
LS0504EVT2335 V4 AOver-voltage, over-currentSOT23-3
LS0505EVD225 V5 AOver-voltage, over-currentDFN
LS1205ExD3318 V5 AProgrammable current limit, output voltage clampDFN
LS2406ERQ2328 V6 ATrue reverse blocking, fast role swapQFN
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