New high-density F-RAM memory offers low-power solution for mission-critical data logging

EXCELON ferroelectric RAM non-volatile memories from Infineon achieve ultra-fast read and write speeds.

Infineon has announced that new 8 Mbit and 16 Mbit EXCELON™ ferroelectric RAM (F-RAM) memories, the industry’s highest density serial F-RAMs, are commercially available. The new products extend the memory capacity of the EXCELON range: existing products offer memory densities of 2 Mbits and 4 Mbits.

EXCELON F-RAM non-volatile memory offers the very fast write speed, unlimited read/write cycle endurance, and ultra low-power operation required in data-logging applications. Used in automotive and industrial systems, F-RAM helps to prevent data loss in harsh operating environments, and in the event of power loss. 

The new EXCELON F-RAM support data throughput at rates up to 54 Mbytes/s over a low pin-count interface. The read and write performance is equivalent to that of parallel-interface, battery-backed SRAM, achieving access times as fast as 35 ns.

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