New IR receiver modules cut power consumption and improve sunlight immunity in remote controls

Family of Vishay integrated IR receivers provides a wide range of package options, to give OEMs flexibility in board layout and assembly. High ESD capability makes the Vishay modules a reliable choice.

Vishay has upgraded its TSOP2xxx, TSOP4xxx, TSOP57xxx, TSOP6xxx, and TSOP77xxx series infrared (IR) receiver modules for remote controls with a new Cyllene 2 IC. 

Designed in-house to ensure long-term product availability and reduced lead time, the new IC enables designers to achieve higher performance with greatly reduced power consumption over a wider supply-voltage range. These improved features extend battery life in mobile applications such as robotic vacuum cleaners. 

The new devices also better withstand ESD and resist interference from direct sunlight. Sunlight immunity leads to better performance in outdoor uses such as garage door light barriers. The new receivers are also immune to disturbance from sources such as the IR emissions from compact fluorescent lamps, and the RF emissions from Wi-Fi® antennas. 

The TSOP series modules integrate a photodetector, preamplifier circuit, and IR filter into a single package. The new receivers may be used as plug-and-play replacements for earlier modules. Various package options give the designer flexibility to integrate the module into the application’s board layout. The receivers are available in versions with various automatic gain control settings for long- or short-burst codes.

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