New MOSFET needle trench technology increases power-system efficiency and density

OptiMOS™ 6 100 V power MOSFETs from Infineon have lower on-resistance and gate charge to reduce losses for power-system designers in fast-switching applications.

The ISCxxxN10NM6 family of 100 V power MOSFETs benefits from the company’s latest OptiMOS 6 technology, which enables power-system designers to achieve higher power density and higher efficiency, and to make systems more rugged. 

The new OptiMOS 6 MOSFET technology at 100 V uses a proprietary needle trench technology which is ideal for high-frequency switching applications. Compared to the previous OptiMOS 5 BSC027N10NS5, the new ISC022N10NM6 offers around 20% lower on-resistance, a 30% better figure-of-merit for the product of on-resistance and total gate charge, and a larger safe operating area (SOA). 

This enables designers to increase efficiency, allowing for easier thermal design and less paralleling, and leading to system cost reductions.

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