New polymer capacitors provide long lifetime and low ESR

Panasonic has added to the SP-Cap family of conductive polymer aluminum electrolytic capacitors, extending the designer’s choice of reliable devices that can withstand high temperature and high humidity.

Panasonic has introduced the TX, TZ, JZ and KZ series to its SP-Cap family of surface-mount, chip-style conductive polymer aluminum electrolytic capacitors, which feature a long operating lifetime in harsh conditions and very low ESR. The new capacitors join the existing JX and KX series in the SP-Cap family. 

The very low ESR values of SP-Cap capacitors means that they are mainly used as input and output capacitors in dc-dc converters.

The new TX and TZ series are for use in applications exposed to very high temperatures: they can operate for up to 5,500 hours at a temperature of 135°C. The low profile of 1.9 mm means that the capacitors can be mounted close to a heat-sink.

The maximum capacitance of the KX and TX series is 470 μF, while that of the JZ, KZ and TZ capacitors is 560 μF. All the reliable SP-Cap capacitors provide ultra-low ESR values as low as 3 mΩ.

The JZ and KZ capacitors are also robust, but are for use in less harsh environments: the JZ series is rated for 3,000 hours at 125°C, and the KZ series for 5,500 hours at 125°C. 

The SP-Cap capacitors also withstand operation in humid environments: rated lifetime is 1,000 hours at 85°C and 85% relative humidity.

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