New portfolio of 32-bit MCUs offers scalability and easy migration of application software

The new NXP Semiconductors MCX N series includes a neural processing unit for machine learning applications, and advanced security functions, and the MCX A series balances cost, performance, and power consumption.

NXP Semiconductors has started shipping the first parts in the new MCX portfolio of Arm® Cortex®-M core-based microcontrollers for advanced industrial and IoT edge applications. 

The MCX portfolio is designed for ease of use, to simplify migration and to scale up or down as needed: supporting software re-use between series, the scalability of the MCX MCUs reduces development time and cost. 

The parts available now are from the MCX N series and the MCX A series.  

  • The MCX N series is designed for secure, intelligent edge applications, with families that include a multi-core design, on-chip accelerators and an integrated EdgeLock® secure enclave 
  • The MCX A series supports the key functions for a broad range of applications such as motor control, in which cost constraints, advanced analog capabilities such as high-precision data converters, and fast time-to-market are key considerations


NXP will be releasing additional devices in the MCX N, MCX A and other series throughout 2024, providing scalability for families of intelligent edge products.

The MCX N series offers particularly strong support for machine learning and run-time inference. Certain MCX N parts include NXP’s eIQ® Neutron neural processing unit (NPU) for machine learning applications. These secure MCUs include an EdgeLock secure enclave, secure boot with an immutable root-of-trust, and hardware-accelerated cryptography.  

Designers can develop machine learning applications using the eIQ ML software development environment. The easy-to-use eIQ tools enable engineers to train ML models to run on either the NPU or the CPU core, and to deploy them on the MCU. 

The MCX A series of all-purpose MCUs addresses a wide range of applications with scalable device options, low power consumption, and intelligent peripherals. MCX A series MCUs are a foundation for intelligent edge applications. The MCUs offer an optimized and cost-effective balance of performance and autonomous peripherals.

The MCX portfolio is supported by the MCUXpresso Developer Experience. This includes a suite of software, tools and hardware prototyping platforms: 

  • Integrated development environments:  
    • MCUXpresso for VS Code
    • MCUXpresso integrated development environment 
    • IAR® Embedded Workbench
    • Arm KEIL®
  • MCUXpresso software development kit (SDK)
    • Extensive suite of robust peripheral drivers, stacks, and middleware
    • Includes software examples demonstrating the use of peripheral drivers and middleware
  • MCUXpresso config tools
    • Includes pins, clocks, and peripheral tools for generation of MCUXpresso SDK code


For rapid prototyping, NXP offers a low-cost and scalable FRDM development platform. FRDM development boards come with a standard form factor and headers, easy access to MCU I/Os, on-board MCU-Link debugger, and a USB Type-C cable. 

The NXP GitHub also provides access to application examples, which can be accessed using the Application Code Hub (ACH) portal. The MCUXpresso IDE from version 11.9.0 and MCUXpresso for VS Code have ACH built-in, so developers can easily browse available examples, and filter by device, application technology or peripheral/feature before loading the project directly for use.

The expansion board hub is an extension to the NXP SDK Builder site, where developers can find a range of add-on boards from NXP and partners to extend the capabilities of evaluation boards. This hub enables intuitive filtering to quickly find what is needed and locate available supporting software. Developers can pair the board with different kinds of shields for rapid prototyping for specific use cases or applications.  

MCX parts available from March 2024:
MCX Family Total Flash Package Type Orderable Part Number
MCX N94 2 Mbytes BGA184 MCXN947VDFT
MCX N94 2 Mbytes HLQFP100 MCXN947VNLT
MCX N94 1 Mbyte BGA184 MCXN946VDFT
MCX N94 1 Mbyte HLQFP100 MCXN946VNLT
MCX N54 2 Mbytes BGA184 MCXN547VDFT
MCX N54 2 Mbytes HLQFP100 MCXN547VNLT
MCX N54 1 Mbyte BGA184 MCXN546VDFT
MCX N54 1 Mbyte HLQFP100 MCXN546VNLT
MCX A15 128 kbytes LQFP64 MCXA153VLH
MCX A15 128 kbytes QFN48 MCXA153VFT
MCX A15 128 kbytes QFN32 MCXA153VFM
MCX A15 64 kbytes LQFP64 MCXA152VLH
MCX A15 64 kbytes QFN48 MCXA152VFT
MCX A15 64 kbytes QFN32 MCXA152VFM
MCX A14 128 kbytes LQFP64 MCXA143VLH
MCX A14 128 kbytes QFN48 MCXA143VFT
MCX A14 128 kbytes QFN32 MCXA143VFM
MCX A14 64 kbytes LQFP64 MCXA142VLH
MCX A14 64 kbytes QFN48 MCXA142VFT
MCX A14 64 kbytes QFN32 MCXA142VFM
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