New wireless MCU eases development of smaller, more efficient smart Bluetooth devices

The STM32WB09 Bluetooth® wireless microcontroller supports the latest Bluetooth Low Energy 5.3 specification, enabling designers to implement advanced features such as real-time location finding and indoor positioning.

STMicroelectronics has released the STM32WB09, a Bluetooth wireless microcontroller which enables the next generation of better, smaller short-range wireless connectivity devices to extend battery run-time. 

Complying with the latest Bluetooth v5.3 specification, the STM32WB09 opens up the opportunity for designers to make smarter products such as wireless beacons and devices that can calculate their location indoors with centimeter accuracy. The chip supports advanced Bluetooth capabilities including direction finding for accurate position detection, thereby enabling applications such as real-time location, indoor positioning, item finding, and asset tracking.

 This new MCU puts all the processing power and Bluetooth radio-frequency technology needed in a single chip. The STM32WB09 is supplied with a Bluetooth v5.3 protocol stack, as well as PC-based design tools, essential software and sample code to accelerate application development. The chip is based on an Arm® Cortex®-M0+ CPU core which hosts the application, while ST’s state-of-the-art radio manages the Bluetooth wireless connection.

While providing generous on-chip memory, ST has prioritized features that make the biggest difference in the target applications. These include support for power-control options in the Bluetooth radio, and the ability for users to fine-tune the RF output power in 1 dBm steps. This tuning optimizes battery life and system reliability, and ensures coexistence with other nearby wireless devices.

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