Op amp for LED driving compatible with analog or PWM dimming signals

The onsemi NCL38046 amplifier gives precise regulation of the constant current/constant voltage outputs on the secondary side of an ac-dc LED driver. The amplifier enables deep dimming and a low-power standby mode.

The onsemi NCL38046 is a constant current/constant voltage operational amplifier for use in the secondary side of an LED driver. The amplifier has a low input-offset voltage to provide for precise constant current regulation. 

Use of the NCL38046 enables designers to implement driver designs that can dim LED lights to less than 1% of full brightness. The amplifier also supports programmable constant power regulation, protecting the LED load and providing a wide output-voltage operating range.

The NCL38046 is available in two versions: 

  • NCL38046AADR2G offers dimming level setting via an analogue dimming (ADIM) pin
  • NCL38046PADR2G offers dimming level setting via a PWM dimming (PDIM) pin
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