Optically isolated MOSFET gate driver features fast turn-off circuit

Compact VOMDA1271 from Vishay is easy to integrate into high-voltage automotive applications such as electric vehicle battery management systems while maintaining high isolation. The driver can be controlled directly by a microcontroller.

The VOMDA1271 from Vishay is an optically isolated MOSFET driver for high-voltage silicon MOSFETs in automotive applications. The device can also be used to drive silicon carbide (SiC) MOSFETs. 

The driver has an integrated turn-off circuit that produces very fast MOSFET turn-off times. Typical turn-on time is 32 μs and turn-off time is 71 μs. 

No power supply is needed to power the VOMDA1271’s internal circuitry, as it harvests the power it requires from the infrared radiation on the low-voltage, primary side of the isolation barrier. The driver can be controlled directly by the output from a microcontroller. 

The VOMDA1271 is housed in a SOP-4 package which measures 4.92 mm x 4.57 mm x 2.12 mm.

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