Panasonic power choke coils offer robust performance and cost-saving in demanding automotive applications

The ETQPxMxxxKVx series from Panasonic features a special metal composite core which offers performance advantages over competing power choke products, and saves space when replacing traditional ferrite products.

The ETQPxMxxxKVx series of power choke coils gives automotive design engineers the opportunity to save space and reduce weight while maintaining robust and reliable performance in the next generation of electronic control units (ECUs). Important attributes of these power chokes include non-hard saturation behavior, low core losses, and stability over a wide operating-temperature range of -55Ā°C to 155Ā°C.

ETQPxMxxxKVx family coils are available with inductance values ranging from 0.33 Ī¼H to 100 Ī¼H. They are ideal for input noise filters in motor drives and in ECUsā€™ DC-DC converters, as well as for voltage regulators and buck-boost converters.Ā 

The AEC-Q200 qualified ETQPxMxxxKVx coils are available in various package sizes with footprints ranging from 5 mm x 5 mm to 10mm x 10 mm. Due to their space-saving metal composite monolithic structure they are up to 70% smaller than other technologies on the market.

In comparison to standard ferrite products, ETQP coils offer various performance advantages including tolerance of high operating temperatures, and vibration resistance up to 30 g.

These inductors also offer high current-bias characteristics without displaying hard saturation behavior. They are rated for currents up to 34.6 A, and meet the EMC compliance requirements of new automotive designs.

Case sizes From 5 mm x 5 mm to 10 mm x 10 mm, with 3 mm or 4 mm heightĀ 
Inductance Range 0.33 ĀµH to 47 ĀµH
DC Resistance Range 2.6 mā„¦ to 206 mā„¦
Saturation Current 3 A to 34.6 A
Operating Temperature Range -55Ā°C to 155Ā°C (including self-temperature rise)
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