Power controller provides precise regulation of LED driver outputs up to 200 W

The HVLED101 power controller IC from STMicroelectronics maintains high power factor while consuming very low power in standby mode, and provides for precise regulation across a wide range of topologies in LED drivers that produce a power output of up to 200 W.  

The HVLED101 is an enhanced peak current-mode controller for flyback or buck-boost topologies that require a high power factor of at least 0.9 at full load. It also enables power-system designers to produce low total harmonic distortion of less than 5% at full load. Other topologies such as buck, boost and SEPIC can also be implemented with the HVLED101. 

Both primary-side regulation of the output voltage and optocoupler control can be applied independently on the chip: both produce precise regulation. Standby power consumption in no-load conditions is very low. 

The HVLED101 is built with innovative ST high-voltage technology which enables the IC to be connected directly to the input voltage in order to both start up the device, and to monitor the input voltage without the need for external components. A valley-locking feature guarantees noise-free operation in medium- and low-load conditions. 

The maximum power can be controlled by limiting the input power to a level programmed by the engineer. The HVLED101 also controls abnormal conditions such as open circuit, output short-circuit, input over-voltage and under-voltage, as well as circuit failures such as open loop and over-currents at the main switch.

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