Power-line filters maintain high power quality in lighting applications

The compact FB, FBL and FBH series filters from TE Connectivity are a fit for space-constrained lighting equipment such as standard track lights, and help to ensure that lighting performance is not impaired by power-line noise.

The Corcom FB series of filters from TE Connectivity (TE) helps to ensure that the performance of lighting devices, fluorescent lamps and related lighting ballasts is not impaired by power-line noise. The FB series is suitable for applications operating at 277 V ac/dc, and the FBL series at 300 V ac/dc. The FBH series has the added benefit of operating at up to 480 V ac and 90°C ambient temperature. 

The compact size of the FB filters allows for installation in most standard lighting tracks. The filters offer good attenuation in a frequency range from 100 kHz up to 30 MHz.

The FB series offers high-performance filtering over a current-rating range of 0.5 A to 5 A. TE also supplies the FBL designated filters, which offer standard performance. Lighting applications can operate at high currents: the 10 A and 20 A versions of the FBL products satisfy this requirement.

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