Power MOSFET offers >90% efficiency for high-end power conversion at 500 kHz switching frequency

The STL120N10F8 100 V power MOSFET from STMicroelectronics features reduced conduction and switching losses and low EMI, enabling engineers to realize efficient designs for power supplies and power converters.

The STL120N10F8 N-channel enhancement-mode power MOSFET from STMicroelectronics is a robust device which provides high system efficiency in fast-switching circuit topologies. The MOSFET is available in a compact 5 mm x 6 mm x 1 mm package.

The key innovation behind the STL120N10F8 high levels of efficiency is the STMicroelectronics STripFET F8 technology. This enables several performance benefits, including:

  • Faster switching speeds
  • Higher power density
  • Reduced switching and conduction losses
  • Reduced electromagnetic noise

The performance efficiency is a minimum 90% at a 500 kHz switching frequency across all load conditions. This increases to over 95% for medium-load conditions at a 300 kHz switching frequency.

This 100 V power MOSFET features a maximum on-resistance of 4.6 mΩ and supports a continuous drain current of up to 125 A at 25°C. This is reduced to 88 A at 100°C. A maximum current of 500 A can be pulsed for up to 10 μs. A single-pulse avalanche current of 60 A is also possible, with the pulse length limited by the maximum junction current of 175°C.

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