Power MOSFETs in space-saving package run at up to 175°C

The SiJH series MOSFETs from Vishay are housed in a thermally efficient PowerPAK package which is 57% thinner than the familiar D2PAK package commonly used for MOSFETs, and occupies a 60% smaller board footprint.

Vishay has extended its range of low-voltage N-channel power MOSFETs that benefit from the high thermal performance and space-saving properties of the PowerPAK® 8 x 8L package. 

Like the other TrenchFET® MOSFETs in the series, the new 60 V SiJH600E and 80 V SiJH800E and SiJH5800E offer low on-resistance and withstand operating temperatures up to 175°C. 

The PowerPAK package has gullwing leads and solder jointing for reliable operation over a long lifetime. The package characteristics include low thermal resistance for good heat dissipation. The PowerPAK 8 x 8L also has a 50% smaller footprint than a TO-263/D2PAK package, allowing for use in tightly populated board layouts, and resulting in high power density. 

The SiJH MOSFETs are intended for use in functions including ORing and synchronous rectification.

Part Number Maximum Drain-source Voltage  On-resistance at 10 V Gate Charge at 10 V Maximum Continuous Drain Current
SiJH440E 40 V 0.96 mΩ 279 nC 200 A
SiJH600E 60 V 0.92 mΩ 141 nC 373 A
SiJH800E 80 V 1.55 mΩ 140 nC 299 A
SiJH5800E 80 V 1.35 mΩ 103 nC 302 A
SiJH112E 100 V 2.8 mΩ 106 nC 225 A
SiJH5700E 150 V 4.1 mΩ 93 nC 174 A
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