Precision thin-film chip resistors offer high moisture and sulfur resistance

New RP series products from YAGEO provide the precise and stable resistance required in power systems operating in harsh automotive, industrial or medical environments.

YAGEO has launched a series of automotive-grade thin-film chip resistors which maintain precise resistance values in harsh conditions exposed to moisture and atmospheric sulfur. 

The new AEC-Q200-qualified RP series resistors feature a special passivation coating which forms a water-resistant interface between the resistive layer and the environment. This protection enables the RP series to maintain highly stable resistance in harsh environments.

The RP series resistors are supplied in case sizes ranging from 0402 to 1206, and with resistance values ranging from 10 Ω to 1.5 MΩ. Resistance tolerance options are ±0.1%, ±0.25%, ±0.5%, and ±1%. 

The resistors are available in four options for temperature coefficient of resistance: ±10 ppm/°C , ±15 ppm/°C , ±25 ppm/°C or ±50 ppm/°C. 

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