Rail-to-rail op amp combines high bandwidth and low offset voltage

Featuring 30 MHz bandwidth, the TSV782 from STMicroelectronics is highly immune to noise and input bias current. This makes it ideal for use in high-performance sensor interfaces in both industrial and automotive applications.

The TSV782 from STMicroelectronics is a unity-gain-stable operational amplifier which provides excellent conditioning of high-frequency signals. The amplifier offers gain-bandwidth product of 30 MHz, and its outputs are almost completely unaffected by noise or input bias current. Input offset voltage is just 50 µV. 

The high performance and low power consumption of the TSV782 mean that it is ideal for use in sensor-interface circuits performing functions such as:

  • High-bandwidth current sensing on the low or high side
  • Transimpedance amplifier for a photodiode
  • Input buffer for an ADC
  • Power management in solar-powered systems
  • Power management in electric vehicles (EVs) and hybrid EVs

The TSV782 operates from a single supply voltage ranging between 2.0 V and 5.5 V, and is fully specified on a load of 47 pF. 

The device is backed by the ST eDSIm electrical simulation tool for switch-mode power supplies and analog ICs, which is integrated in the eDesignSuite tool. The TSV782 op amp is available in an automotive-grade version.

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