Relay with forcibly guided contacts features space-saving flat housing

The SF-M relay from Panasonic offers safety standard compliance, making it ideal for use in industrial and building automation applications that have special safety requirements.

The new Panasonic SF-M series of 2-pole safety relays features forcibly guided contacts specified according to the EN 61810-3 standard for use in any kind of safety control system or safety application. 

The new SF-M relays are the first with 1NO and 1NC power contacts to be supplied in a flat housing with a height of only 7.8 mm. Despite the small size, the relays can switch high loads on both contacts: 6 A on the normally open and 4 A on the normally closed side at 250 V ac/30 V dc. This means that the relay can handle loads such as valves directly without the need for any additional relay. On the signal side, the relay’s silver alloy contacts can handle loads as small as 10 V/1 mA dc.

The SF-M relays offer very high shock and vibration resistance of more than 20 g, and a low coil holding power of 100 mW.

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