Robust NOR Flash memory provides secure storage for embedded systems

The SEMPER™ family of NOR Flash memory products from Infineon supports functional safety applications, and gives confidence that sensitive code and data will be stored safely and securely over guaranteed periods up to 25 years.

The SEMPER™ family from Infineon offers a wide range of high-performance, safe, and reliable serial NOR Flash memory products that integrate the essential safety features of many automotive, industrial, and communications applications. Exceeding the automotive industry’s quality specifications, the SEMPER NOR Flash memories are ASIL-B compliant and ASIL-D ready for use in functional safety and mission-critical systems.

Part of the Infineon ecosystem of dependable electronics products, the SEMPER portfolio provides safe, secure, and reliable code and data storage capability for embedded systems. The SEMPER NOR Flash memories run error correction code, and provide cyclic redundancy check protection of both the interface and data. 

SEMPER products are based on MIRRORBIT™ technology, the world’s most advanced NOR Flash process technology. Ideal for high-density devices, the technology stores two bits per cell. 

The SEMPER memories are available with capacity ranging from 512 Mbytes to 2 Gbytes, and with a Quad SPI, HYPERBUS™ or octal interface. The products are supplied in versions that operate from a supply voltage of either 3.0 V or 1.8 V. Maximum read speeds are up to 400 Mbytes/s, and the SEMPER memories enable instant-on applications with execute-in-place functionality for direct program execution from long-term storage, instead of code shadowing to RAM. 

Infineon backs the SEMPER product range with its guarantee of 10+ years’ supply and availability for product platforms that are expected to be on the market for an extended period.

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