Shunt resistors for accurate current measurement in automotive and industrial applications

The SSA series of resistors from Littelfuse provides a compact and flexible solution, and maintains stable performance over temperature for accurate current measurement even in harsh conditions.

The new SSA series of two-terminal, ultra low-resistance shunt resistors from Littelfuse meets the growing demand for accurate current measurement in high-performance applications. 

Compared to competing technologies such as Hall-effect sensors, current transformers, fluxgate sensors, and Rogowski coils, the Littelfuse current shunt resistor offers a more efficient and lower-cost solution, and one that works well in both ac and dc circuits. The SSA series also has a higher power rating than metal foil resistors.

The resistance of the SSA series is consistent and stable across production batches and temperature. Tolerance of resistance is as low as ±1.0%, and the temperature coefficient of resistance is as low as ±50 ppm/°C.

Introduction to SSA series current shunt resistors

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