Smart diode controller provides reverse input-current protection

The MPQ5850 and automotive-grade MPQ5850-AEC1 smart diode controllers, from Monolithic Power Systems, feature low power consumption in quiescent mode to extend battery run-time.

The MPQ5850 is a smart diode controller that can drive an external N-channel MOSFET to replace a Schottky diode for reverse input protection. It rectifies ac frequency inputs up to 100 kHz. 

The low 20 mV dropout voltage minimizes power loss and supports a low minimum input voltage, which makes the MPQ5850 well-suited for cold-crank conditions in automotive applications.

Shutdown current of just 4 μA also makes the device ideal for battery-powered applications. The ultra-fast transient response meets the requirements of the ISO 16750 standard.

The MPQ5850 includes an internal boost converter to provide a boost voltage that turns on the external N-channel MOSFET, even when the input voltage is low. An open-drain power good signal indicates when the external N-channel MOSFET is fully on.

The product is available in an AEC-Q100 Grade 1 qualified version with the part number MPQ5850-AEC1. This diode controller can handle the high transient voltages generated in automotive electronics: it features a -36 V blocking voltage, load dump capability up to 42 V, and cold crank down to 0 V.

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