Specialized dev kits support video and imaging functions on PolarFire FPGA

Microchip supplies a range of evaluation boards, development kits, add-on daughter cards and programming and debug hardware which provide smart solutions for accelerating designs based on the PolarFireĀ® and PolarFire SoC FPGAs.

Microchip and Future Electronics kits provide rich set of software and peripherals to support rapid development.

Microchip also provides easily accessible demonstration guides, application notes and sample designs.

The PolarFire SoC Icicle Kit low-cost development platform is an excellent solution for evaluating the deviceā€™s five-core RISC-V microprocessor sub-system. The kit allows designers to experiment with the PolarFire SoC FPGAā€™s support for the LinuxĀ® operating system, and its real-time execution and low-power capabilities, along with its rich set of peripherals.

With the PolarFire Video and Imaging Kit, designers can evaluate the PolarFire FPGA when performing 4K image processing and rendering using dual camera sensors, numerous display interfaces and popular imaging and video protocols including MIPIĀ® CSI-2 TX, MIPI CSI-2 RX, HDMIĀ® 1.4 TX, HDMI 2.0, DSI and HD/3G SDI.

The PolarFire SoC Video Kit is a full-featured, embedded vision development platform based on the PolarFire RISC-V SoC FPGA. The kit is suitable for use in the development of vision applications operating at the network edge, in which it offers security, reliability and power efficiency. The kit includes Microchipā€™s VectorBloxā„¢ Accelerator software development kit and IP for neural networks.

Complementing these Microchip kits, Future Electronics supplies the Avalanche development kit, which enables developers to quickly create a prototype based on the PolarFire FPGA. At the heart of the kit is a PolarFire FPGA with 300,000 logic elements.

The Avalanche kit is equipped with peripheral components including:Ā 

  • Panasonic PAN9420 Wi-FiĀ® module
  • 64 Mbits of serial Flash from Microchip
  • Alliance Memory 4 Gbits DDR3 synchronous DRAM
  • Microchip VSC8531 Gigabit Ethernet transceiver

The kit supports three industry-leading interface standards for connecting companion boards: Sullins headers are compatible with the Arduinoā„¢ interface, and provide a mikroBUSā„¢ socket, and a Pmod connector/Interface.