SSDs offer complete storage solution for embedded computing devices

Kingston Design-In SSDs offer memory capacity of up to 1 Tbyte in a range of compact form factors.

The KingstonĀ® Design-In SSD family is a line of SATA and NVMe solid-state drives (SSDs) which are intended to be built into embedded computing systems.

The family includes SSDs in various form factors, and implementing a range of data interfaces:Ā 

  • SATA 2.5 inch, mSATA, M.2 2242, and M.2 2280
  • PCIe Gen 4 NVMe in M.2 2280 and M.2 2230 form factors

The Kingston Design-In SSDs incorporate advanced controllers that perform wear-leveling, garbage collection and other NAND Flash management features. Their standard form factors mean that they are a drop-in replacement for traditional hard drives. They offer up to 20x higher performance than a hard drive, as well as high reliability.Ā 

These SSDs are based on the latest 3D NAND Flash memory chips, providing high memory density in small form factors.

A valuable benefit of using a complete SSD storage solution from Kingston is superior control of an embedded deviceā€™s bill-of-materials and firmware: after customer qualification, the customer need make no changes to components in the storage system. A Kingston product change notification system ensures that all generational changes and firmware updates are handled through a controlled and timed process.

2.5" SATA Rev 3 SSD Part Number Memory Capacity Description
OCP0S3128Q-A0 128 Gbytes 2.5"/7 mm SSD
OCP0S3256Q-A0 256 Gbytes 2.5"/7 mm SSD
OCP0S3512Q-A0 512 Gbytes 2.5"/7 mm SSD
OCP0S31024Q-A0 1 Tbyte 2.5ā€/7 mm SSD
mSATA SATA Rev 3 SSD Part Number Memory Capacity Description
OMSP0S3128Q-00 128 Gbytes mSATA SSDĀ 
OMSP0S3256Q-00 256 Gbytes mSATA SSDĀ 
OMSP0S3512Q-00 512 Gbytes mSATA SSDĀ 
M.2 SATA Rev 3 SSD Part Number Memory Capacity Description
OM4P0S3128Q-A0 128 Gbytes M.2 2242 SSDĀ 
OM4P0S3256Q-A0 256 Gbytes M.2 2242 SSDĀ 
OM4P0S3512Q-A0 512 Gbytes M.2 2242 SSDĀ 
OM8P0S3128Q-A0 128 Gbytes M.2 2280 SSD
OM8P0S3256Q-A0 256 Gbytes M.2 2280 SSD
OM8P0S3512Q-A0 512 Gbytes M.2 2280 SSDĀ 
OM8P0S31024Q-A0 1 TByte M.2 2280 SSDĀ 
M.2 PCIe Gen 4 x4 SSD Part Number Memory Capacity Description
OM8PGP4128P-A0 128 Gbytes M.2 2280 SSDĀ 
OM8SEP4256Q-A0 256 Gbytes M.2 2280 SSDĀ 
OM8SEP4512Q-A0 512 Gbytes M.2 2280 SSDĀ 
OM8SEP41024Q-A0 1024 Gbytes M.2 2280 SSDĀ 
OM8SEP4512N-A0 512 Gbytes M.2 2280 SSDĀ 
OM8SEP41024N-A0 1024 Gbytes M.2 2280 SSDĀ 
OM3PGP4128P-A0 128 Gbytes M.2 2230 SSDĀ 
OM3PGP4256P-A0 256 Gbytes M.2 2230 SSDĀ 
OM3PGP4512P-A0 512 Gbytes M.2 2230 SSDĀ 
OM3PGP41024P-A0 1024 Gbytes M.2 2230 SSD