Surface-mount family of safety capacitors performs EMI suppression and filtering

The SMDY1 surface-mount ceramic-disc safety capacitors from Vishay perform EMI and RF interference suppression and filtering and are intended for use in industrial and consumer SMPS.

The SMDY1 series are ceramic-disc safety capacitors that perform EMI and RF interference suppression and filtering. The Class X1 capacitors are rated for 760 V ac, and the Class Y1 capacitors for 500 V ac. The Class X1 capacitors may be used for line-to-line filtering, and the Class Y1 capacitors for line-to-ground filtering.Ā 

The surface-mount capacitor consists of a ceramic disc which is copper-plated on both sides. The capacitor encapsulation is made of flame-retardant epoxy resin which conforms to the requirements of the UL 94 V-0 specification.Ā 

The SMDY1 capacitors are available in eight versions with capacitance values ranging from 470 pF to 4,700 pF. The footprint of the 470 pF, 680 pF, 1,000 pF and 1,500 pF capacitors is 8.6 mm x 14.8 mm. The footprint of the 2,200 pF, 3,300 pF, 3,900 pF and 4,700 pF capacitors is 14.6 mm x 19.2 mm.

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